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Who knows how to inspire us on paper more than National Geographic magazine?  With gorgeous photography and compelling articles, Nat Geo brings the earth’s natural wonders and most fascinating people into lives with the turn of a page. 

On the world beat page in the June issue of the magazine, you’ll also see the ad shown below – another in Two Sides’ No Wonder You Love Paper ad campaign (click here for our recent press release). The campaign was created to reinforce printed magazines and newspapers as an appealing and sustainable way to read, so we’re especially excited to be featured in National Geographic, whose commitment to sustainability is known worldwide.

Be on the lookout for more ads in the coming months, and don’t forget to check out the No Wonder You Love Paper website.  It’s filled with fun activities and great information on the sustainability of print on paper, and it has a downloadable Paper Myths and Facts brochure you can share with your family and friends.

 Throughout the coming year, Two Sides will continue to seek free advertising space in U.S. newspapers and magazines. Any publication interested in donating ad space should contact Phil Riebel at pnr@twosides.info or (855) 896-7433(855) 896-7433 (toll free).

Two Sides ad

Two Sides ad

June 2013 National Geographic Cover

June 2013 National Geographic Cover

World Beat page showing Two Sides ad

World Beat page showing Two Sides ad at bottom

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1194984904195212103recycling_symbol_a.j._as_01.svg.medWhen it comes to the environment, one great American success story that’s often overlooked is the dramatic increase in paper recycling over the last two decades. As awareness of paper recycling has grown and a sound, market-driven recovery and recycling infrastructure has evolved, the amount of paper recovered annually for recycling has increased 75% since 1990!   There’s no better example of how consumer education and public-private collaboration can lead to true environmental improvement.  Not only are we continuing to extend the use of a valuable natural resource – wood fiber from sustainably managed forests – but we’re also sending 50% less paper to landfills.

Think about this:  In 2012, more than 51 million tons of paper products were voluntarily recovered for recycling in the U.S. – that’s 65.1% of all paper produced.  Break that down into a number we can relate to individually and you get roughly 323 pounds recycled for every man, woman and child in the country.   When you consider that one ream of 8.5” x 11” office paper weighs about 5 pounds … well, you get the picture.

In fact, paper is leading the way when it comes to recycling.  According to the latest statistics from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, paper-based products are recycled more than any other commodity in the United States, including steel at 33.8%, glass at 27.1%, aluminum at 19.9% and plastics at 8.2%.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t do better.  The paper industry has set a new goal to recover more than 70% of all U.S. paper produced by 2020.  While the industry can provide resources and promote paper recycling, it’s up to the rest of us – communities, businesses and individuals – to make it happen.   For inspiration, check out the stories behind the winners of the American Forest & Paper Association’s 2013 Paper Recycling Awards:

Business Leadership Award Winner – Edwards Brothers Malloy

Community Award Winner – City of Guntersville, Alabama

School Award Winner – Bishop Watterson High School, Columbus, Ohio

Remember, every magazine, newspaper, catalog or piece of paper you throw away is a resource wasted.  If you don’t already recycle, get in the habit!   And if your community, company, school or other organization doesn’t have a paper recycling program in place, don’t ask why … ask why not!

For recycling program guides, statistics and other helpful information, visit the Recycling Resources page at www.paperrecycles.org

Kathi Rowzie is a Two Sides guest blogger and a sustainability communications consultant with The Gagliardi Group in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Dear Blog Followers,

This matter has been addressed and is no longer an issue.  Thank you all for your support and attention.


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vluaepaperIf you’re interested in what research has to say about the value of paper, don’t miss this just-released report from the American Forest & Paper Association.  It provides a terrific review of studies, reports and scholarly articles that show how paper enriches and improves many dimensions of our lives. 

Even as the demographic scale tips toward the new generation of digital natives, paper remains an important and essential component of multichannel communication.

Paper informs, creates a permanent record of milestones in life, provides secure documentation, reaches customers and offers a sustainable communication option that no other medium can match. 

While the coexistence paper and digital communications continues to evolve, the reasons for choosing paper are as strong as ever … paper offers value that just can’t be beat!

You can download Documenting the Value of Paper: Literature Review here.


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